I had to go down to Lake Oconee to make my monthly visit to a jobsite so I sent a text to my buddy James who lives down that way to see if he wanted to meet up for lunch while I was in the area.  James said that he knew a good barbeque joint nearby and plans were made.

I met James at his office and we spent a little while catching up before we headed off for lunch.  As it turns out James’ office and the restaurant are both only about four miles from my jobsite.  We walked in, stepped up to the counter and placed our orders.  I ordered a pulled pork sandwich and a side of Brunswick stew and James went with smoked lemon pepper wings and fries.

We got our drinks, grabbed a table and spent some more time catching up while we waited for our food.  OK, it’s been a while since we’ve had a chance to get together so we had a bit of catching up to do.  While we talked I sampled the four barbeque sauces on the table.  Their sauces included Mild, Spicy, Sweet and Mustard.  All of the sauces were good but the Spicy and Mustard seemed to suit me the best.   James said he likes the Sweet and Mustard.  Now I’m not a fan of sweet barbeque sauces but have to admit that Sisson’s Sweet sauce had a good flavor underlying the sweetness.

After just a few minutes our orders arrived and we dug in.  The consistency of the stew was almost perfect in my book.  I don’t know quite how to describe it so you’ll just have to take my word for it and after tasting it, for once I really didn’t have an urge to add a splash of barbeque sauce or hot sauce to adjust the flavor.  I took a taste of the pulled pork before adding any sauce.  The meat was moist and lightly smoky.  I ended up dressing half of my sandwich with the Spicy sauce and the other half with the Mustard sauce.  I noticed that James’ fries were fresh cut and not the frozen variety.  He told me to give them a try and I quickly discovered that they were lightly seasoned with a dry rub, most likely the same rub they season their pulled pork with, instead of salt…and they were quite tasty.

So how did Sisson’s Old South Barbeque fare on the Thumbs Scale?  Four out of a possible four thumbs shouldn’t be a big surprise and I’d give them bonus points for the hand cut fries.  Sisson’s definitely goes on the repeat list.