We stopped into Donuts a Go-Go almost as an afterthought as we were about to leave Mariposa and head on toward Anaheim for a visit with The Mouse. We had already ‘enjoyed’ (‘endured’ maybe?) the continental breakfast at the hotel but we were in the mood for something sweet to take with us for the drive. The folks at the front desk at our hotel included Donuts a Go-Go in their list of recommended eateries so we stopped in.

To describe Donuts a Go-Go as unassuming might be a bit of an understatement. But, as we all know, looks aren’t everything. Right? Right…

Anyway, we picked out a mixed half-dozen, paid and hit the road. We stopped for lunch near Bakersfield and afterward the girls broke into their donuts for dessert. Since I was driving I decided to wait for mine…and it wasn’t easy listening to everyone tormenting me about how good they were. ConnieLou mentioned that they were more of a caky donut like Dunkin Donuts instead of light and airy like Krispy Kremes. Now I’m not a fan of Dunkins and their metallic aftertaste, so I cringed a bit when ConnieLou compared Donuts a Go-Go’s donuts to Dunkins.

When we finally reached our hotel I finally got to try mine. Without going into a lot of detail we were all quite pleased with our selections…and there was no metallic aftertaste.

So how did Donuts a Go-Go fare on the Thumbs Scale? We gave ‘em a solid 8 out of a possible 8…and wished we’d given them a try sooner rather than eating the hotel continental breakfast.