OK, so I’m a little late getting this entry put together.

Better late than never, right?


We celebrated Father’s Day a day early this year.  Ashley was scheduled to work on Sunday and was on call Saturday so we decided to head up to Athens on Saturday so we could all spend some time together.   Knowing that we were going to be in Athens and looking for some place to go out to eat, I asked a good friend for suggestions.  In particular, I asked for suggestions for a Mexican restaurant, preferably not one from a big chain such as La Parilla.  She suggested that we give Taqueria Tsunami, a Latin-Asian Fusion place, a try.

I almost broke my no national chains rule with this one.  Taqueria Tsunami has two locations in Athens, five in the Atlanta area and one in Kentucky.  Kentucky, really?  Since there was only the one outlier I decided my rule was safe…and anyway, I’m the one that makes the rules here.

We looked up their menu online to see if it might be someplace that we were interested in.  This excerpt from their menu grabbed my interest: “We take the best from the Far East and South of the Border to dish up a variety of Latin Asian fusion tacos, salads, rice bowls, quesadillas, appetizers and cocktails in a comfortable contemporary setting.”  OK, so we haven’t tried Latin Asian fusion before but it sounded good so we decided to give it a try.

Being it was Father’s Day I decided that we were going to splurge a little bit.  In addition to our entrées we ordered margaritas…well, me, ConnieLou and Ashley ordered margaritas.  Jenna, being a few months short of 21 and still under age, ordered a refreshing glass of ice water.  We also ordered an appetizer, guacamole and chips, and dessert, S’mores egg rolls.

For our entrées we all ordered tacos.  ConnieLou, Ashley and Jenna all ordered the Tsunami Trio which consisted of two tacos and a side and I ordered The Quatro which consisted of three tacos and a side.  For tacos ConnieLou and Ashley selected the Gringo Taco (seasoned ground beef) and Baja Taco (tempura fried fish).  Jenna selected two Shrimp Tempura Tacos and I went with an Asada Zing Taco (Bulgogi marinated steak), a Shrimp Tempura Taco and a Baja Taco.  We all selected black beans and rice for our side.

We enjoyed our drinks and guacamole and chips while we waited for our entrées to arrive.  Both were quite tasty.  Our entrées came fairly quickly and was followed by our dessert.

So how did Taqueria Tsunami fare on the Thumbs Scale?  They earned a respectable seven thumbs out of a possible eight.  While everything we had was quite good, there just wasn’t any ‘wow factor’ with the shrimp and fish tacos.  The general observation was “they tasted just like the fish and shrimp tacos that we get pretty much anywhere else.”  I couldn’t really argue.  On the other hand, I thought my Asada Zing taco, my margarita and the guac were all quite good.  While Taqueria Tsunami didn’t earn eight out of eight thumbs, it wouldn’t take much arm-twisting to get me to go back for another visit.