One last entry from our most recent trip to St. Augustine.

Coffee anyone?  How about a bite of breakfast?

Kookaburra Coffee is a coffee shop/eatery that Jenna has been telling us about for the past couple of years.  OK, before anyone gets overly worried, this entry isn’t just about their coffee.  Not that their coffee isn’t good because it is, in fact, its darn good.  This entry is about their Aussie pies.

Let back up a bit.  What is Kookaburra Coffee?  Well, here’s the description from their website:  “We are an Aussie-American espresso bar and pie shop based in Saint Augustine, Florida. We pride ourselves on serving masterfully crafted products that are ethically sourced and expertly roasted.  We blend our love of coffee with a passion for serving our community, all with a smile.”  Currently, there are four locations in and around St. Augustine, including a location in St. Augustine Beach near the condo we’d rented.

So what is an Aussie pie?  Try to imagine a small chicken pot pie with a flaky pastry crust and a savory filling.  Breakfast pies, or Brekkie pies as they call them have fillings with some combination of eggs, cheese, regular or sweet potatoes and some sort of meat.  There are also a vegetarian and a couple of meatless options.  Lunch pies are similar but a bit more on the savory end of the spectrum with chicken, beef and/or veggies.  If you want a breakfast pie, get there early because once they run out, they’re gone for the day.  I suspect the same thing happens during lunch.

We sent Jenna out to pick up coffee and Brekkie pies to bring back to the condo the first morning of our stay.  Jenna had a Greenie Pie (spinach, egg and cheddar filling) and a mocha nut iced latte.  ConnieLou ordered the Rasher & Egg Pie (bacon, egg and cheddar filling) and a regular mocha nut latte and me, I had the Corker (sausage, egg and cheddar filling) and a PC (caramel and vanilla) latte.  Yes, I had a latte.  I’m not generally a froo-froo coffee drinker but I do enjoy a change from my regular coffee with cream and sugar now and then.

Again, like a store-bought chicken pot pie, an Aussie pie is served in a little aluminum pie tin.  One could probably take the pie out of the tin and eat it by hand but we decided to be all proper and everything and opted to use forks and knives.  Maybe eating the pie by hand is the proper way.  Who knows, no one explained the rules to us.

So how did Kookaburra Coffee fare on the Thumbs Scale.  We gave ‘em 6 out of a possible 6.  After all that Jenna has told us, that wasn’t too unexpected and the pies really were good.  Yes, we’ll be back, even if just for a coffee.