Jenna has been telling us about a little place on St. George Street in downtown St. Augustine called the Taco Shop.  Before we headed down to move Jenna into her dorm at Flagler College last week I told ConnieLou that we needed to give it a try while we were in town.  When I mentioned on FB that we were in St. Augustine, my buddy Caden B. messaged me and told me that we absolutely had to try the Taco Shop while we were there.  That sealed the deal.

This time around we decided to head down a few days early to have some beach time before move-in and stay an extra day to recover before heading home so we rented a condo a few miles from the college down A1A in St. Augustine Beach.  As it turned out, the condo complex we rented in was about half a mile from another Burrito Works Taco Shop location.  Dangerously close really.  I did a little looking around online and discovered that there are actually four Burrito Works Taco Shops scattered out along the beach between downtown St. Augustine and Flagler Beach.

I read several reviews and nearly all said the Taco Shop’s standout offering is the ‘Mexican UFO’.  A Mexican UFO is simply a flat, crunchy corn tortilla, topped with fillings, topped with another flat, crunchy corn tortilla, all wrapped up in a soft flour tortilla and cooked on a flat griddle to melt the cheese in the filling and crisp up the flour tortilla.  Think of it like a Crunchwrap Supreme from Taco Bell but better…a LOT better.  The fillings include meat (beef, chicken, pork, shrimp or grilled fish) or veggie options with rice and black beans.  The Mexican UFO, along with most of their other menu options, can be prepared with The Works which includes cheese, sour cream, cilantro, lettuce, onion, salsa and lime,  or Baja Style which includes onion, cilantro, lime cabbage and spicy white sauce.

We all decided to give the Mexican UFO a try.  ConnieLou ordered hers with chicken and The Works, Jenna went with shrimp, Baja Style and I decided on pork, Baja Style.  After placing our orders we picked out a picnic table in the shade in their outdoor seating area (there is no indoor seating), got our drinks and waited on our orders.  We didn’t have long to wait until it was time to dig in…and out table got quiet.

So how did the Burrito Works Taco Shop fare on the Thumbs Scale?  We gave them an easy 6 out of a possible 6.  The Mexican UFOs were quite good…soft, crunchy, cheesy, tasty and messy!  We’ll definitely be back.  But…now we have a dilemma…should we go to the Burrito Works Taco Shop or Mojo Tacos, just a mile or so up A1A?  Decisions, decisions…maybe we’ll just have to go to both.