There’s a new kid in town…

We learned a month or two ago that a new BBQ joint was coming to Newnan and we knew we’d have to give it a try.  Normally when a new restaurant opens up we wait a few weeks for a visit to give them time get things going and work the kinks out of their system.  We found out last week that Dunc’s BBQ Kitchen (no relation to The Barbeque Kitchen in College Park, Georgia) had opened and was already getting promising reviews so when presented with an opportunity to check them out we decided to go ahead and give them a shot.

The restaurant location had housed two short-lived restaurants in the recent past and was a drug store in front of the old Newnan Hospital in a previous life.  When ConnieLou and I walked in we found Steve Duncan, the owner, greeting customers and working the register.  We talked with Steve, a.k.a. Dunc, for a couple of minutes then placed our orders.  ConnieLou ordered a pulled pork sandwich on Texas toast with a side of Brunswick stew.  I ordered the same thing but ordered my sammich on a bun.

When we sat down at the table to wait on our orders I noticed that there were three barbeque sauces on the table which were labeled Hot, Mild, and Sweet.  Of course, I had to break out a spoon and taste them all.  Let me say that I’m not a big fan of sweet sauces in general.  The Sweet sauce was sweet but had a very good flavor.  The Mild and Hot sauce were both tangy and right up my alley so, of course, I had to use a little of both once our food arrived.

Our food arrived quickly and we dug in.  The stew consistency was just about perfect, not too fine but not too chunky.  It had a slightly smoky flavor from the smoked pork and chicken that were used.  The pulled pork was lightly smoky and sweet.

So how did Dunc’s BBQ Kitchen fare on the Thumbs Scale?  We gave them an easy 4 out of a possible 4 thumbs.

As we were leaving we stopped to talk to Steve again and learned that He had owned O.B.’s Barbeque that operated in McDonough, Georgia for many years until they lost the place in a fire.  Steve told us that when they decided to open a place in Newnan that they brought over all of their old recipes and even some of his old staff to get things going. He also told us that light smoky flavor in the pork came from their use of pecan wood to smoke the meat which produces a nice, light smoky flavor that’s not as strong as other woods like hickory often tend to be.  Will we be back?  Definitely…it’s going to take several visits to eat our way through the menu…but I think we’re up to the challenge.