We’d dropped Jenna off at the airport to head off on a three week trip to Alaska with her friend Lily (yes, I tried my best to stow away and go too but I just couldn’t fit in her suitcase and, of course, would exceed the 50-pound weight limit for a checked bag). Since Jenna and her friend were flying stand-by ConnieLou didn’t want to get too far from the airport until we knew that the girls would make it on their flight we decided to have breakfast nearby. We thought about going to Chick-Fil-A’s Dwarf house in Hapeville but decided against it since there are two other CFA locations within 5 miles of our house and we could have CFA anytime. Instead we opted for the Barbeque Kitchen in College Park.

The Barbeque Kitchen is a College Park institution, having been in the same location since it opened in 1958. ConnieLou, being a College Park native, has been there quite a few times over the years but I think I’ve only been there a time or two and never for breakfast. We walked in and sat down and our server came by with menu’s and took our drink order. After giving the menu a quick look ConnieLou ordered the two egg and bacon plate that came with grits and biscuits and I ordered two steak biscuits and a side of hash browns.

When our food arrived ConnieLou was quick to notice that the tops of the biscuits weren’t painted with melted butter, a common restaurant practice that I’m not particularly fond of. Indeed they weren’t. To make things even better they were light and fluffy, unlike the dense, chewy bread cakes that most restaurants try to pass off as biscuits. The steak in my biscuits was fresh breaded ‘country fried’ cubed steak, not the frozen, deep fried pieces of mystery meat that many restaurants try to pass off as country fried steak. ConnieLou said that her fried eggs were cooked just right and the grits were actually good. Yeah, try getting good grits at a restaurant these days…generally doesn’t happen.

So how did the Barbeque Kitchen fare on the Thumbs Scale? We gave it 4 out of a possible four thumbs up. There’s a pretty good reason the Barbeque Kitchen has been around for 60 years. The place may be a little worn around the edges but 60 years in business will do that…but the food is darn good!