I’m a few days late getting this together.


ConnieLou and I have been meaning to get out for Taco Tuesday but things keep getting in the way. Last Tuesday morning we were texting each when I said “Hey, let’s go get tacos tonight.” We’d already taken something out to thaw for supper but quickly decided that it would be fine in the fridge until Wednesday.

There are a few places around Newnan that offer 99 cent tacos on Tuesdays. We ran through the list restaurants that do and decided to give Reposteria Criss, a relatively new place in town, a try. Reposteria Criss is a Hispanic bakery and café that’s been around for a little over a year. Since we haven’t been there before we weren’t sure what to expect. When we walked in we found ourselves looking at a large case full of breads and pastries and a refrigerated case filled with cold treats.

We made our way to the counter to check out the menu and place our orders. Not knowing how big the tacos would be, we went easy at first. ConnieLou ordered two chicken tacos and I ordered two asada and two al pastor.

We sat down at a table to wait for our order which came fairly quickly. As it turned out, the tacos were a little smaller than typical tacos but they were piled high with meat and with a little cilantro and onion on top and a selection of sauces on the side. The ‘shells’ weren’t your typical crispy corn tortilla, nor were they flour tortillas. Instead they use soft corn tortillas which were quite tasty. For 99 cents each they were a pretty darn good value.

We both finished our tacos and decided we had room for a little more. ConnieLou picked out a piece of cheesecake from the refrigerated case and I opted for four more tacos, this time with chorizo and barbacoa fillings. They didn’t last long either.

So how did Reposteria Criss fare on the Thumbs Scale. Try an easy 4 out of a possible 4. The tacos and sauces were all quite tasty and the cheesecake was freshly made and better than any I’ve had around town. I don’t know that we’ll be able to do Taco Tuesday every week but I think it will definitely become more of a thing for us and Reposteria Criss will be a favored destination.