One last entry from our Flagler Family Weekend weekend in St. Augustine.

Family Weekend Sundays usually aren’t fun days. We tend to be pretty wiped out from trying to cram way too much into a couple of days, there are goodbyes to be said, and then there is the long drive home.  But, more often than not, there are bright spots during the day like having brunch with Jenna and her roomie, Hannah, and Hannah’s mom Jodi before having to leave and then being greeted by Ashley and our dogs and cats when we arrived home.

We ran into Hannah and her family Saturday morning as we were on the way to lunch in the college dining hall (No, I’m not going to do a review of the dining hall) and they were on their way to a lunch meeting.  We only had a few minutes to talk but it was enough to decide that we were going to get together for breakfast/brunch Sunday morning and that ConnieLou and Jodi would work out the details later.  By evening the details were worked out and it was decided that we’d meet up at the Blue Hen Café in St. Augustine’s Lincolnville neighborhood.

Sunday morning rolled around and we met up with Hannah and Jodi and got our names on the wait list.  The Blue Hen Café is a small place with a dozen or so tables and, by the number of people waiting at any given time, a fairly large following.  Good things come in small packages, right?  We waited about thirty minutes before being seated but it gave us time to talk…yes, talk.  Remember that?  That thing we did before texting and instant messaging?  You know, verbal communication.

Once seated we placed our orders.  I picked the Corned Beef Hash, Jenna chose the Breakfast Burrito, and ConnieLou went with the King’s French Toast, French toast made with a brioche roll stuffed with banana and peanut butter.  Hannah ordered the Pumpkin Pancakes and Jodi selected the Zada Jane’s Stack, a sausage frittata with sweet potato home fries.

I’m not going to go into detail about everyone’s impressions of their meals but it’s safe to say we all walked out stuffed and satisfied.  How did the Blue Hen Café fare on the Thumbs Scale?  Yeah, 10 out of a possible 10 thumbs and I think I saw a few fingers and toes thrown in.  FWIW, I happened to notice their Chicken Biscuit on a plate at a nearby table and it looked mighty good.  Think I know what I’ll be trying the next time we visit.