It’s a small world.

A little over thirty years ago ConnieLou and I attended Young Harris College in northeast Georgia along with a guy named Chris who was a year ahead of us and Chris and I were pretty good friends at the time.  After Chris graduated and moved on we lost touch for a while until we bumped into each other again a few years ago on Facebook.  Unbeknownst to me, Chris’ youngest daughter Sarah was considering attending Flagler College where Jenna is now.

One day last April I got a message from Chris saying that they were at an Accepted Students event on campus and that they would like to meet Jenna if possible.  A small flurry of emails ensued and Jenna was able to meet up with Sarah, Chris and Chris’ wife Heidi.  ConnieLou and I had hoped to get a chance to see Chris, Heidi and Sarah during move-in weekend back in August but our move-in schedules didn’t allow.  Fast forward to Family Weekend and we were finally able to get together.

We traded text messages with Chris, playing an abbreviated version of the “Where Do You Want to Eat?” game.  Thankfully Chris cut the game short when he suggested MoJo BBQ in the Old City section of St. Augustine, just a short walk from the Flagler campus.  Chris told us that they’ve eaten there several times and were always pleased.  We did a quick check to make sure there was a fish or veggie option that Jenna would like but to be honest, I was hooked when he said ‘BBQ’.

I learned later that MoJo is a local chain with six other locations in northeast Florida and one more in the works.  We’ve never been to the MoJo location in St. Augustine and I’m not sure how we’ve missed it.  I know we’ve passed by at least a couple of times while we were in town.  Regardless, we arrived at MoJo and got a table and Chris & Co. strolled in few minutes later.  We placed our orders and spent the next hour and a half eating and catching up on the past 30-plus years and learning about each other’s families.

Without going into a lot of detail about who ordered what, I’ll say our entrees included pulled pork barbeque, North Carolina barbeque (chopped pork instead of pulled and already sauced with a NC style vinegar sauce), burgers and barbeque shrimp, all of which were served with mac and cheese or fries…yeah, fresh cut fries…the best kind…and they were good!

So…how did MoJo BBQ fare on the Thumbs Scale?  Call it an easy 6 out of a possible 6.  It was quite good and we hope to be back sometime…although now I’m getting a concerned that our ‘St. Augustine Restaurants to Revisit’ list is going to exceed the number of opportunities we have left to eat in St. Augustine before Jenna finishes school.  Ehh, not a bad problem to have, right?  And besides, we can always make trips to St. Augustine after she graduates just because.  Seriously, it’s a fun town to visit.