Yep, we were back in St. Augustine. Once again it was time for Flagler College’s annual Family Weekend festivities. We’d made the drive down from Newnan, arriving a little later than planned but in time to check into our motel then meet Jenna and go out for dinner.

Jenna has been telling us about a relatively new place on St. George Street called Prohibition Kitchen. We’ve tried to go a couple of times but when we encountered waits of a couple of hours or more we decided to explore other options. This time around we were told that the wait was only around 45 minutes, which isn’t bad for a Friday night, so we decided to stick it out.

Prohibition Kitchen’s website’s About Us page states:

“Deep in the heart of America’s oldest city, a vintage gastrobup and lounge is being born. Invoking the spirit of Bartolo, who on this very spot created “Genovar Theater”, the social epicenter of Flagler’s prohibition era…we offer you an escape into the clandestine, mysterious, and yes, illegal world of flapper dresses, speakeasies, moonshine and swing. Sashay in and let your senses be seduced. Let chef Bradford’s seasonally inspired techniques using local ingredients put the exclamation point on your rendezvous back in time… experience the PROHIBITION KITCHEN.”

Fortunately, our 45 minute wait seemed to go by fairly quickly, not exactly surprising on St. George street where you can spend time either people watching or checking out the nearby shops. Once seated, we were able to take a good look around. Now we’re 90-plus years removed from the Roaring 20s and prohibition but it appeared that the restaurant owners went to a good bit of effort making the place reminiscent of a hidden-away speakeasy in a building’s basement or maybe in a warehouse somewhere. Jenna said that it had an ‘industrial’ look to it.

OK, just broke my ‘no pictures’ rule again. Maybe it’s time to modify that rule to ‘no pictures unless one is really deserved’.

That works for you?


We sat down, placed our orders, and then sat back to listen to the band that was playing near the front of the joint. Every now and then we’d notice a couple of folks from the wait staff remove one of the nearby tables and carry it to the back. Our server told us that as the evenings progressed the bar area got more and more crowded to the point that they simply moved the dining tables out of the way as they were emptied and the space was needed…and by time we’d finished, we understood what they meant.

OK, let’s get down to the nitty gritty. Jenna ordered the Mac and Cheese which was described as creste de gallo pasta with a smoked cheddar blend and toasted bread crumbs. ConnieLou and I both ordered the Fried Chicken Sandwich which came with tomato confit, pickled green tomato and homemade ranch dressing and fries on the side (yes, fresh cut fries). Of course, I left the tomato and tomato confit off mine.

How was it? Let’s just say it was definitely worth the wait. Jenna’s mac and cheese was quite tasty, they definitely know how to fry a piece of chicken and the fries were crispy and golden brown. Did I mention that the fries were fresh cut? I did? Good.

So how did Prohibition Kitchen fare on the Thumbs Scale? They received an easy six out of a possible six. The only thing that I could find to complain about was that I was stuffed when I walked out. We’ll be back.