We were back in StA to move Jenna in for her second year at Flagler College. The cars were finally unloaded and her room was organized and mostly decorated, and it was supper time. We’d somehow managed to skip lunch and we were hungry. ConnieLou asked what we wanted to do for supper and my response was ‘any place that we don’t have to drive to’. It’s a shame that I was thinking it was Saturday instead of Sunday. Downtown St. Augustine wouldn’t be nearly as crowded as it usually is on Friday or Saturday night and it probably wouldn’t be too hard to find a place to park. Driving a little way would have opened up a lot of good dining options.

Nonetheless, there were still a few good options within easy walking distance of Jenna’s dorm. In fact, two of those options, Carmello’s and Georgie’s Diner, were directly across the street. Since we’ve been to Carmello’s a couple of times we decided to give Georgie’s a try. Georgie’s is a 1950s/1960s-style diner with all the chrome and neon that comes with the style but with a Greek twist.

Yeah, I know, I broke my no pictures rule again.

On the menu one can find typical American diner fare along with a good selection of Greek favorites. Once seated our server took our drink orders and gave us a few minutes to look over the menu. Jenna selected the Greek pizza, ConnieLou went with the BLT with fries and I ordered the gyro with fries. With our orders placed, we settled in to enjoy a few minutes with no task to complete.

When our orders arrived the first thing I noticed was the fries (imagine that)…fresh cut, not frozen. My gyro was piled high with sliced meat, onions and lettuce (but not too much lettuce) and Georgie’s ‘special sauce’. ConnieLou’s BLT had no shortage of B and T and was served on toasted bread. Jenna’s pizza came loaded with spinach, melted mozzarella and feta cheeses and tomato sauce.

And the table got quiet…

As we were finishing our entrées our server tempted us with dessert…and we caved. Jenna ordered a vanilla shake and ConnieLou and I both ordered rice pudding.  Looking back I really wish I had chosen the baklava.

So how did Georgie’s fare on the Thumbs Scale? We gave them a healthy 5 ¾ thumbs out of a possible 6. Here’s the low down… ConnieLou said the BLT was one of the best she’s ever had and the fries were quite good. Jenna initially said the Greek pizza was really good to begin with but ended up not being too thrilled with the sauce. It was a bit sweet for her taste. Me? I thought the gyro was fantastic and the fries were just icing on the cake. As for dessert, Jenna’s milkshake was quite good and it was huge. ConnieLou and I were a bit disappointed with the rice pudding. There was something there that just didn’t suit either of us. Neither of us deducted for the rice pudding. I had strongly considered it but then decided the fries made up for it. We’ll definitely be back and since Jenna lives just across the street, I suspect she might be back a little more often than me and ConnieLou.