Once again I need to invoke the local chains exception to my no chains rule.

Yesterday I made my monthly work trip to visit a client at Lake Oconee and it happened that I needed to make a side trip up to Athens afterward to check on a couple of things at our oldest daughter Ashley’s apartment. She knew I was heading that way and knows that I’m always looking for someplace good to eat so she suggested that I give Keba, a gyro place near their apartment a try. So I did.

OK, let’s back up a minute…

What is Keba? According to their website, Keba is a sandwich shop specializing in kebap, “a Turkish cousin to the Greek gyro”. At Keba, the customer chooses their ‘style’ (sandwich, wrap or bowl), then their ‘protein’ (chicken, beef, pork, lamb or a meat substitute including falafel or feta), then a sauce and finally their toppings.

Back to the present…

I ordered the beef wrap combo which included the wrap, fries and a drink. For my wrap I selected beef as my protein, the Original Keba Sauce (similar to tzatziki sauce) as my sauce and kept things simple with just lettuce for my topping.

I had to wait a few minutes on my order but since it was prime-time during lunch hour I wasn’t surprised. Since I wasn’t in any particular hurry I was content to just go with the flow, sip on my Coke and people watch for a few minutes. Once my order was ready I sat down with it at my table and came to a sort of surprising realization…the fries were fresh cut, not frozen…so Keba scored big points with me before I even tasted my food.

So how was my wrap? In a word…tasty! It tasted a little different than your typical gyro and the sauce was a little different from tzatziki sauce…but in a good way. And the fries…let’s just say they didn’t disappoint.

How did Keba fare on the Thumbs Scale? I gave them 2 thumbs-up out of a possible 2. Let me temper that a tiny bit. Keba got 2 thumbs-up and my meal was quite good but I can’t say there was a big WOW factor. At the same time, there was nothing at all that I could come up with that would cause me to make a deduction. Would I visit Keba again? Sure I would!

Oh, almost forgot…I mentioned Keba is a local chain. Currently there are five locations, two in Athens, one in Watkinsville, one in Bethlehem (Georgia, not Israel just in case some is wondering) and one in Atlanta.