We Relish Your Buns!

OK, that’s their slogan anyway…

It’s good to have friends who live or have lived near your vacation destination. Not only do you get a chance to visit and catch up but more often than not you have a reliable source for restaurant recommendations. Fellow YHC alum Jeff Doke and his family live in Brunswick, Georgia, just a long rock-throw from St. Simons Island and Austin, Ashley’s boyfriend, and his family used to live on St. Simons. When I asked both Jeff and Austin for restaurant suggestions, there were a couple both recommended, one of which was Willie’s Wee-Nee Wagon in Brunswick.

According to the menu Willie’s has been around since 1975. Although it’s in a free-standing building you can’t help but think of it as ‘one of those little hole-in-the-wall joints’ that you hear about. Saying its unassuming is a major understatement. In fact, if it weren’t for the building being painted bright yellow and red, one might miss it altogether when driving by. You place your order at a window on the side of the building and you can eat either inside in a small dining area or at one of half a dozen big red picnic tables outside the building. Since we had Jenna’s pup Lyla with us, we opted to eat outside…even though it was breezy and freakin’ chilly!

We had to clear out of the cottage we’d rented for the weekend by 11:00 and Willie’s was more or less on our route home so we decided to stop in on our way out of town.

As one might guess, the menu consists mostly of hot dogs, in many wonderful variations, a Polish sausage, burgers, a fish sandwich and a highly touted fried pork chop sandwich. Jeff recommended the Polish sausage and I have a hard time passing up a chili dog…so I tried both. ConnieLou went with a chili dog and Jenna tried the fish sandwich. We all split a couple of orders of fries.

ConnieLou picked up our order at the window, brought it to our table and we all dug in. Were the recommendations on the mark? Oh yeah. The polish sausage and chili dogs were quite good and Jenna was pretty happy with her fish sandwich. Even Lyla enjoyed a fry or two when no one was looking. My only complaint…yep, you guessed it. The fries…frozen, not fresh cut. If that’s the only flaw we can find they’re not doing too bad.

So how did Willie’s Wee-Nee Wagon rate on the Thumbs Scale? We gave them a solid 5 ½ thumbs out of a possible six with the half thumb deduct being my standard deduction for frozen fries instead of fresh cut. Otherwise Willie’s would have had an easy 6 out of 6. Willie’s will definitely be on our return list when we’re back in the Brunswick/St. Simons Island area…