Sunday morning…ice cream was on the agenda.
Not grocery store ice cream…good ice cream.
Fresh made ice cream.
And maybe something a little different.

Ashley and Austin wanted to go to St. Simons Sweets for ice cream one more time before leaving St. Simons. Who were we to argue? We all piled into the car and headed into town.

St. Simons Sweets is a small sweet shop located in the St. Simons Pier that specializes in fresh made sweets and…fresh made ice cream. Good ice cream…not grocery store ice cream. Even better than Baskin Robbins.

Our selections included red velvet, tirmisu, samoa (like the Girl Scout cookie) and bourbon butter pecan.

How did St. Simons Sweets rank on the Thumbs Scale? How about a perfect 10 out of 10…with several toes thrown in as well. Yeah, it was that good. Give ‘em a try but leave some for us.