I have to make a trip out to a jobsite near Lake Oconee once a month for work. Most of the time I try to make the trip on a Friday because I get started early so I can finish up early and extend the weekend by a few hours. Last Friday was my day to make the trip and it also happened to be ConnieLou’s birthday. We usually celebrate birthdays by going out to eat with the girls but since Ashley is in school in Athens and Jenna is in St. Augustine and it wasn’t a long weekend for ether of them, getting all of us together at one time just wasn’t going to happen. We’d already planned to take a long weekend and go to St. Augustine next weekend so I suggested to ConnieLou that she take the day off, ride to my jobsite with me, and then we’d swing up to Athens to spend a little time and have dinner with Ashley.

Even though we were running a little behind because of having to make an unplanned side-trip to the office before heading to my jobsite, I was still finished with work by about 12:30 and it was time to find some lunch. We were going through our usual ‘where to eat’ debate when I remembered Amici, an eatery in the little shopping plaza near my jobsite. I’ve been there a few times before and knew it was good so I suggested it to ConnieLou. She thought it sounded pretty good so that’s where we ended up.

Amici is an ‘Italian café’ that wants to be a sports bar or a sports bar that wants to be an Italian café, depending on your perspective and there are seven locations generally situated in east-central Georgia . Their menu includes pizza, calzones, stromboli’s, pasta dishes and salads as well as burgers, sandwiches and wings.

We grabbed a table, checked out the menu and somehow both of us managed to order the Philly Cheese Sub (thinly sliced steak with onions, mushrooms, green peppers and provolone), fries and a Coke. We were there after the lunch crush and our orders were out quickly and piping hot. I don’t know that many would consider the sandwiches true Philly Cheese Steaks but they were darn good nonetheless. And the fries…well, the fries seemed to be fresh cut rather than frozen, which is always a good thing.

So how did Amici fare on the Thumbs Scale? We both gave them two thumbs-up for a total of four out of a possible four…no deductions for frozen fries here! I have to admit, I’ve eaten at this Amici location before. I’ve enjoyed their burgers and buffalo chicken sandwiches so I had a pretty good idea what was in store. Needless to say, we’ll be back.

If the Greensboro-Lake Oconee location isn’t convenient, try one of the other locations in Athens, Conyers, Covington, Madison, Milledgeville and Monroe.