Back to barbeque…

We were planning to grill some chicken on the Egg last night but ConnieLou and I both forgot to take the chicken out of the freezer before we left for work yesterday morning. Ashley and Jenna were both away for the night and we had a few errands to run so we decided to get something while we were out and about. I suggested trying the Oink Joint, a fairly new barbeque joint just off the square in downtown Newnan.

Being that it was Friday night and the Oink Joint is still fairly new we were a little concerned about a long wait but when we pulled up and parked we saw that the line wasn’t out the door…which was a good sign for us. When we walked in we saw that the dining area was not quite full and there were only a few folks in front of us in line to order…another good sign.

We placed our orders, got our drinks and sat down at a table in the draft from one of the air conditioning vents. Somehow we both managed to order the same thing, the pulled pork plate with mac and cheese and Brunswick stew for our sides. We barely had time to start sipping on our drinks and talk for a bit before the server brought our orders from the kitchen.

OK, first things first…try the pig, straight from the kitchen, no sauce. It was good…damn good. Moist, tender and smoky, just as it should be. I almost decided to forego the sauce…but then I tried the sauces. There were three squeeze bottles of sauce on each table, one labeled ‘Spicy’, one labeled ‘Vinegar’ and one labeled ‘Sweet’. The Sweet sauce seemed to be a sweet, ketchup-based sauce (think Sweet Baby Ray’s but better). The Vinegar sauce was a Carolina-style vinegar sauce with a little bit of a kick. The Spicy sauce seemed to me to be a vinegar sauce on steroids with a little something else that I couldn’t quite put my finger on…and it was my favorite of the bunch. OK, sorry, I’m a bit of a sauce nerd…I LOVE barbeque sauces!

Now for the mac and cheese and the stew. The mac and cheese was hands-down the best I’ve had at a restaurant. Creamy, cheesy pasta shells with a crispy, crunchy topping. The stew…very good in my opinion and again, possibly the best I’ve tasted at a restaurant. The grind is a bit coarser than one would find at Sprayberry’s but finer than most other BBQ joints that I’ve tried. ConnieLou wasn’t quite as crazy about the stew as I was (she likes a finer grind and a slightly different flavor profile) but still thought it was pretty good.

So how did the Oink Joint rank on the Thumbs Scale? Four out of a possible four thumbs…easily. OK, let me caveat that score somewhat…I noticed that some of the folks on neighboring and nearby tables had fries on their plates and, although I didn’t ask, the fries appeared to be frozen and not fresh cut…a travesty. Normally I’d dock a restaurant a point for frozen fries (yes, it’s that much of a thing for me)…but they weren’t on my plate so the Oink Joint got a bit of a pass this time around. Needless to say, we’ll be back and I probably won’t be ordering the fries.