I got a text from my friend Jim the other day asking if I was free for lunch the next Tuesday.  If you remember my post about Pig & Chick from last May, Jim is a good friend and owner of Atlas GeoSampling, an environmental drilling and sampling company that we work with often.  We get together for lunch every now and then to catch up on work stuff and life in general.

We were both in the mood for sushi so we decided to go to Sushi Matsuya, a little sushi ‘buffet’ in the Toco Hills Shopping Center, that I discovered while working on a project that Jim ended up helping us with a short time later.

Normally I don’t do reviews of buffets/all-you-can-eat type places.  Generally, buffets serve large quantities of low quality food…but occasionally I find a place that causes me to make an exception.  Sushi Matsuya is one of those places.  When I first saw the place was thinking it might be a place that served pre-made sushi that had been chilled in a refrigerator and set out in the serving line as needed.  I initially gave Sushi Matsuya a try based on a pretty good recommendation.  Instead of finding pre-made, chilled sushi I discovered that the restaurant has a sushi chef that works on a station behind the serving line to keep the platters filled as they are emptied.

Now, I’m going to admit that I don’t know a heck of a lot about sushi, so finding a place that I can try one or two pieces each of several different things then get more of the items that I liked works out well for me.

We walked in, ordered our drinks, then hit the serving line where we found various types of sushi rolls and nigari sushi (slices of raw fish over pressed, vinegared rice).  A second, smaller bar was stocked with other dishes typically found at ‘Chinese’ restaurants (fried rice, steamed dumplings, braised chicken wings, etc.).

We made our selections, mixed up a couple of little bowls of soy sauce and wasabi, sat down and dug in.  For those who aren’t familiar with wasabi…it’s a wonderful thing when mixed with some soy sauce or on wasabi peas…but take it easy on the stuff.  It’s dang good but it will make your eyes water and clear your sinuses if you’re not careful.

So how did Sushi Matsuya fare on the Thumbs Scale?  We both gave it two thumbs-up.  It’s a keeper.