Its time.

I’ve held off doing a review of The Varsity but sooner or later it had to happen.

Now seemed like a good time.

There’s no real reason why now was any better than some other time. It just is.

For those that aren’t familiar with The Varsity, it’s an ‘institution’ in Atlanta…and in Athens…and in Gwinnett…and in Kennesaw…and in Dawsonville…and even at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta. .The original Varsity opened at its present location in Atlanta in 1928 at the intersection of North Avenue and Spring Street. A second Varsity location opened in Athens in 1932 but was eventually closed in favor of the current Athens location at the intersection of W. Broad Street and N. Milledge Avenue which opened in 1963. The other locations have been added since 1990.

OK, enough of the Varsity history lesson.

ConnieLou and I were on the way to Young Harris for a bit of a getaway. As we headed up the highway we debated where to stop for lunch. Before long it became apparent that we were going to hit downtown Atlanta right at the end of the lunch rush and a stop at the ‘V’ became a pretty easy decision.

We parked, walked in and placed our orders. For ConnieLou it was a chili dog, onion rings and a coke. For me, two chili dogs, fries and a coke. As always, our food was served quickly and piping hot. We picked a table in the upstairs dining room that overlooks the interstate (for those that aren’t familiar with The Varsity’s Atlanta location, there are five or six separate ‘dining rooms’ to choose from) and settled in.

As always, our food was fantastic, just as expected. Let me point out something here. If nothing else, the food at The Varsity is fresh and that is something they’ve taken great pride in throughout their history. Chili for the chili dogs and chili steaks, onion rings, fries and fried pies are made fresh daily. Did I mention fresh fries, as in fresh cut fries? Yes I did. Unlike most fast food joints, the folks at The Varsity cut their fries fresh every day. They cut, batter and cook their onion rings fresh every day. No frozen fries or onion rings and no fries or onion rings sitting under a heat lamp for extended periods of time. Fresh.

So how did The Varsity fare on the Thumbs Scale? One could probably guess that we gave The Varsity four thumbs out of a possible four. OK, I’ll admit that The Varsity is one of our favorite fast food joints and that we may be just a little biased but it is what it is and it was good. Darn good. We’ll be back.

Did I mention that we each for a Frosted Orange to go? If you go to The Varsity and don’t get anything else, get a FO…you can thank me later.