ConnieLou and I headed down to Newnan to check out Market Day on the Square. We’d made a couple of laps around the square, saw what we wanted to see and bought what we wanted to buy. As we were walking back to the car we started discussing what we wanted to do for lunch. Our options were sandwiches or left-overs at home or grab something somewhere. Neither of us were interested in sandwiches or left overs so the next decision was where to go. We really didn’t want to have to drive anywhere so that narrowed our choices down quite a bit. Downtown Newnan has a fairly good number of restaurants to choose from these days, including some newer places and a few tried and true places. We ended up deciding on the Redneck Gourmet, one of the tried and true.

We’ve been to the Redneck Gourmet, or just ‘the Redneck’ as we call it, quite a few times over the years. It’s sort of a funky place with good food and generally fun atmosphere. The walls are covered in pictures of the owner and his family, drawings by the likes of Jack Davis and David Boyd, pictures of notable customers/guests and local sports memorabilia.

We stepped up to the counter to place our orders. ConnieLou wanted the BLT and fries but learned that they had run out of ripe tomatoes (hello, Publix? Kroger? Little Giant?), but was offered fried green tomatoes in their place. Does that make it a BLFGT instead? I ordered the Dixie Dawg and fries. The Dixie Dawg is a quarter pound beef hot dog (this ain’t your cheap grocery store weenie, this is a serious hot dog) topped with their home-made chili and pimiento cheese. We also ordered chicken strips and fries to go to take home to Jenna who took advantage of an opportunity to sleep in.

We got our drinks, picked a table and sat down. It wasn’t long before our food arrived and we dug in. ConnieLou said the fried green tomato on her BLT was an interesting change and was pretty tasty. My Dixie Dawg was quite good and the chili and pimiento cheese turned out to be a great combination. As for the fries…they were fresh, hand-cut fries. Wonderful hand-cut fries. Fried crispy on the outside, soft and hot on the inside. I can overlook a lot of things at a restaurant that has really good fresh hand-cut fries. Fortunately I didn’t really need to.

So how did the Redneck stack up on the Thumb’s Scale? ConnieLou and I both gave it two thumbs up and I threw in a few toes for the fries. Jenna gave her chicken strips and fries a thumb and a half. The chicken was good but she wasn’t too thrilled with the fries…most likely because they were cold by the time they got to her and cold fries are never quite as good. Regardless, 5 ½ thumbs out of six ain’t too shabby. If you’ve never been to the Redneck Gourmet, give it a try. I’m sure we’ll be back.