I was reading back through some older entries this evening and realized that I started this blog two years and two days ago.  After two years, two days and twenty something entries I’ve gained a couple of new readers in addition to the four folks that are currently subscribed.  With that in mind I thought it would be good to repost a couple of paragraphs from the original entry to let that handfull of new readers know what this blog is and isn’t about.

And for the few of you who are regular readers…thanks for hanging in there and putting up with the ramblings of a redneck foodie.

Onward to the past…

So how’s this blog going to work and what will make it different from others? First of all, this won’t be a high falutin’ food blog. Anyone that’s read my other blogs knows this already. It’s simply going to be my opinions, thoughts and impressions and those of my family and even a few friends. For ratings we’ll use a simple ‘thumbs-up/thumbs-down system’ . Each person contributing to the rating gets two thumbs to vote with. Say for instance I’m eating by myself, two thumbs up is really good, two thumbs down really sucks and anything is possible in between.

For anyone expecting a new post every week and Nat Geo-quality photos, and food descriptions that involve ‘hints of whatever’, and a lot of description of ambiance and decor…you’re gonna be disappointed. Also, don’t expect reviews of national chain restaurants. One Longhorn’s location tastes pretty much like the next . Independent restaurants and some local chains will get my attention (yes, I’ll get to The Varsity sooner or later). If you’re simply expecting honest opinions, maybe a little humor and an occasional photo or two, then I hope you enjoy your time here.