ConnieLou had a mid-morning doctor’s appointment which wrapped up just before lunchtime so we decided to grab a bite on the way home. We were trying to decide where to go when I remembered RPM Full Service, a new place in town. We haven’t been there before so we decided to give it a try.

RPM is housed in an old Chevron station and garage a block off the Court Square in downtown Newnan. Now before you turn your nose up because it’s in an old gas station/garage building, don’t worry, there’s no gasoline, oil or grease to be found. OK, that’s not completely true…there’s cooking oil and grease in the kitchen but not the kind that goes in your car.

RPM bills itself as a ‘Patio Pub and Grill’ and as you might expect, most of the seating is outside in the former parking area in front of the building and under the canopy that used to cover the gas pumps. The décor is gas station/garage related. More high falutin’ bloggers might call it funky or eclectic but this ain’t a high falutin’ blog. In fact, I try not to falute any more than I have to and when I do its definitely low falutin’. OK, now I’m off track.

We spent a few minutes looking over the lunch menu and somehow both us ended up deciding on the French Dip sandwich and fries. Hand-cut fries. Fresh hand cut fries. I was getting a really good feelin’ about this place.

Our baskets were served quickly…in about the amount it time it took to cut and cook the fries. The sandwich was built on a large Vienna roll and was stuffed with a generous helping of shaved roast beef and melted provolone cheese and of course, there was a cup of au jus on the side. And the fries…the fresh cooked, hand-cut fries…cooked to a perfect golden brown, crunchy on the outside and soft in the middle.

So how did RPM Full Service fare on the Thumb’s Scale? Easily a 4 out of a possible 4…and throw in a few knuckles for the fries. The sandwiches and au jus were very good and the fries were outstanding. OK, if you haven’t noticed I’m a sucker for fresh, hand-cut fries and if you can cook them just right there are a lot of other things I can overlook…like ketchup that doesn’t have Heinz on the label (my only complaint…but that’s just a personal preference). Will we be back? You bet and we’ll definitely be back when its warmer when we can sit out on the patio and sip a cold beer or a margarita with our meal.