We made a trip up to Athens to take a few things to Ashley and pick up a headboard that that we had ordered for her. Ashley’s friend Austin was in town for a visit so we decided that we’d take care of our errands then all go out to eat somewhere in town.

We were all in the mood for a good burger and fries but we’re not overly familiar with Athens (hey, I can find The Varsity, what more does one need?) so I sent a text to good friend, fellow Young Harris College alum and Athens resident Michele T asking for a recommendation for a good burger joint. Michele responded with two recommendations, a place called Trappeze Pub and one called Clocked. The crew checked out the websites for both and ultimately decided to give Clocked a try. Let me interject something here…If you do a search for Trappeze Pub, be sure to use two p’s in Trappeze…don’t ask, just trust me on this one, OK?

We plugged the address into the GPS and headed downtown. As it turns out Clocked is almost next door to Trappeze and just a block or so away from the 40 Watt, the legendary Athens night spot where quite a few well known bands got their start. We sat down, the server handed us menus then disappeared for a while…a fairly long while. Eventually he came back over and took our orders. ConnieLou ordered the Cheese!Burger, I ordered the Bacon!Cheese, Ashley and Austin each ordered the Mushroom!Swiss and Jenna picked the Honey!Mustard Chicken. The burgers all came dressed with lettuce, tomato, pickles and onions (all or part of which was discarded) and ‘Clocked Top Secret Sauce’. The chicken also came with a garden on top along with Clocked Honey Mustard. ConnieLou, Ashley, Austin and Jenna shared a couple of orders of fries and I got an order of beer battered onion rings. We simply had water all around to drink…just so we could order milkshakes…mocha for Ashley and Austin and peanut butter for me and Jenna.

How was it? Well, the burgers were just what burgers should be…thick, juicy, tasty and messy and Jenna approved of the chicken sandwich. The fries were fresh cut which scores extra points with me. As for the onion rings…how many times have you ordered something that was purported to be ‘beer battered’ and couldn’t taste even a hint of beer? Not with these onion rings. It wasn’t exactly ‘in your face’ but the beer flavor was definitely there. Oh, and it definitely wasn’t cheap beer either. Ashley and Austin enjoyed the mocha shakes but I was caught off-guard by the PB shake. I’ve got to say it was nearly as good, or maybe even equally as good as the PB shakes from Gibson’s in Young Harris, Georgia, our sentimental favorite.

So how did Clocked rank on the Thumbs Scale? We gave it ten thumbs out of a possible ten. I have to admit that I was tempted to take off points for our server being somewhat inattentive…but sometimes I can let a few things slide if the food was good enough…and it was.

Thanks for the recommendation Michele!