OK, so I’m a little late getting this one up. That’s OK. I don’t think anything has changed significantly in the past week.

So here’s the deal. It was time to begin moving Ashley into her townhouse in Athens. I had to make my monthly trip out to Lake Oconee for work and since the apartment is only about 35 miles or so from my jobsite, I decided to get a jump on things and take the sofa, love seat and a small bookcase with me and drop them off. By the time we finished unloading it was lunchtime. Athens, Georgia literally has dozens and dozens and dozens of restaurants to choose from. There are national chains, mom& pop hole in the wall places, local chains, fast food, sit-down restaurants…pretty much anything one might get the itch for. I wasn’t sure just what I was in the mood for but I had sort of narrowed it down to pizza, barbeque or Chinese. I decided that I would start driving home and see what looked interesting.

I hadn’t gone far when I noticed Peppinos Little Italy Pizzaria. Pizza was on my list so I hit the brakes, and pulled into the parking lot to give it a look. According to the menu, this Peppinos location is one of seven in a local chain located generally east and northeast of Atlanta…well…except for the Auburn, Alabama location. Signage around the dining area proclaimed Peppinos to be local and not a just one of a national chain.

I decided on the lunch special and got a couple of slices of ground beef. More often than not when I try a new pizza joint I’ll try something simple like ground beef or pepperoni. Multiple toppings can hide a multitude of problems but with a single simple topping, if something’s amiss, it’s more likely to show. That said I sat down with my two slices and a coke…and…I was fairly impressed. How impressed? Impressed enough that once we had most of the rest of Ashley’s stuff unloaded on Saturday I suggested to ConnieLou that we get a couple of pizzas for lunch for everyone.

Once everyone had eaten their fill we took our usual thumbs vote. So how did Peppinos rank on the Thumb’s Scale? We gave it a solid 10 out of 10. Is it the best pizza in the world? No. Is it what some would call “craft pizza” these days? No . But…it’s pretty darn good and that’s what matters most. Combine good pizza with a good special in a college town and you’re got a winner.

Did I mention that there’s a little college in Athens, Georgia. Can I get a GO DAWGS!!