I’ve been meaning to write this entry up for a week. I haven’t been avoiding it as much as I’ve just been a slug and haven’t been motivated to just sit down and do it…until now. So here goes…

We spent the evening in downtown Newnan at the Wined-up Newnan wine tasting event. Once we made the complete circuit we realized we were hungry and decided to see if any of the restaurants around the Court Square were still open. Rednexican and the Redneck Gourmet had already closed their kitchens but Fabiano’s Pizza was still open. Our decision was made.

We walked in, grabbed a table and checked out the menu. As I mentioned in my previous entry, Fabiano’s is one of our favorite places in town so me, ConnieLou and Ashley already had a pretty good idea what we wanted. Ashley’s friend Austin was a first-timer so it took him a few more minutes to decide. The server took our orders and brought our drinks and we kicked back discussed the merits of the wines we had tasted earlier…deep and thoughtful conversation…or not.

This time around we stuck to the things that Fabiano’s does best. ConnieLou and I both had pizza, a couple of slices of groundbeef and pepperoni for me and a slice of Hawaiian for ConnieLou. Ashley and Austin chose the calzones, ground beef in Ashley’s and chicken and mushrooms in Austin’s.

Our orders arrived and the deep and thoughtful conversation died as we dug in. We may have been a little hungrier than we realized.

So how did Fabiano’s rank on the Thumbs Scale this time around? WE gave it a combined 7 ½ thumbs. Much better. For New York-style pizza, calzones, strombolis and hot sammichs Fabianos is by far the best in town.