We were back up in the mountains for Young Harris College’s annual Alumni Weekend festivities this past weekend. Saturday night is usually reserved for class reunions and this year happened to be the 30th for the Class of ’85. A small group of us from our class as well as friends from the classes of ’84 and ’86 got together at the nearby Ridges Resort for drinks and some time to catch up.

After an hour or so the get-together was winding down and we headed off to meet up with a few more YHC friends for supper. Earlier in the day we’d decided we were in the mood for some Mexican and ConnieLou and I suggested the Anejo Grill on Highway 69 near Hayesville, North Carolina. Being that it was about 7:00 on Saturday night we figured that we were going to have to wait. Fortunately friends John and Jenn Trotter were able to get there ahead of the rest of us and get us on the list. By the time the rest of the crowd got there we didn’t have long to wait.

Ashley tipped us off to the Anejo Grill last fall and we’ve been a couple of times before. It’s not a fancy place. It’s more of a strip-mall, hole-in-the-wall Mexican joint. You know the kind – generally un-assuming by looks but at lunchtime and on Friday nights the wait line can be out the door and wrapped half way around the building. The menu is similar to many other Mexican restaurants as well…there are a couple dozen ‘combinations’ – your typical one taco and one burrito with mexi-rice and beans – as well as a multitude of other ‘specialty’ items.

Normally about here I’d describe the dish that each of us had but since there were nine of us at the table I didn’t even try to keep up with who had what. I can say that I had the pork burritos with cheese sauce, guacamole and refried beans. Normally I will pour some salsa on burritos, tacos or rice and/or refried beans…but not this time around. After a bite of one of the burritos and the beans I decided that the salsa would just be a distraction and that the rest of the meal could stand on its own. Everyone else seemed to enjoy their selection as well

So how did the Anejo Grill rank on the Thumbs Scale? They ended up with 15 out of 18…not too shabby with a fairly large group of people with different likes and tastes. We’ll be back again for sure.