We made a trip up to Young Harris College last Monday to hear Ashley present her senior research. It’s hard to believe she’s a college senior and about to graduate in a few short weeks. It seems like just yesterday we were moving her in as a freshman. Time sure flies…but I digress…

We arrived on campus early in the afternoon with the plan of spending a little time wandering around campus then eating a late lunch/early dinner before Ashley’s presentation. We told the girls to decide where they would like to eat. They thought about it and narrowed it down to a soup and sandwich place in Blairsville named The Aviator Cafe and a local country cooking place in Hiwassee named Mary’s. As it turned out Mary’s wasn’t an option due to their hours so we pointed the car west and headed to Blairsville.

When we walked in the door I was floored by the airplane memorabilia that covered most every flat surface except the serving line and the tables. I could have spent hours looking at the pictures, posters, post cards, and even models on shelves and hanging from the ceiling. Unfortunately we didn’t have the time so we placed our order and grabbed a table.

Ashley and Jenna each ordered potato soup in a bread bowl, ConnieLou ordered a BLT and a cup of potato soup and I had a Philly cheese steak and chips. Normally they call your name to come pick up your order when its ready but apparently the staff was on the ball and noticed that we were sitting by the kitchen door so they decided it made more sense to bring our order to our table instead of carry it to the front of the counter then call us to come get it.

OK, so how was the food? Ashley, Jenna and Connie all approved of the soup and the bread bowls disappeared. I got a taste of the soup and bowl bread and have to agree. ConnieLou said her BLT could have stood having a little more B but was otherwise very good. As for my Philly steak…I would have described it as a Philly panini that could have stood a little more cheese. Nevertheless, it was pretty darn tasty.

How did The Aviator Café do on the Thumbs Scale? We gave it 7 thumbs out of a possible 8. Overall the food and service were quite good. Add a couple more slices of bacon to the BLT and some more provolone to the Philly and that score would change to an 8 out of 8. After May 9 we won’t be making quite as many trips to the Young Harris area each year but The Aviator Café will definitely get some consideration as a lunch or dinner option when we do.