Sometimes you find a hidden jewel.

No, I haven’t been playing computer games.

ConnieLou was working late this evening and Jenna asked if we could go to the coffee shop in downtown Newnan so I checked in with ConnieLou to see what time she might be getting home. She said that it was going to be a little while yet, that we had time to go to the coffee shop and that we should get something to eat while we were out.

Jenna and I tossed around some ideas and settled on a trip to Krystal. Now I don’t care to go to Krystall all that often but sometimes it just hits the spot…so off we went. We turned onto ‘the Bypass’ heading to Bullsboro Drive when I noticed several picnic tables with umbrellas in front of ‘The Shops at Wahoo’ on the other side of the road. Looking closer I saw the word ‘CHEESESTEAKS’ in the front window. I told Jenna plans had changed, hung a quick U-turn and whipped the car into the parking lot.

Once we stopped we noticed the place was called Steakholders. Ever heard the phrase “The place was just a hole in the wall”? Well, it describes Steakholders pretty darn well. There’s room for the kitchen, a counter with two registers, a drink cooler and a storage closet…tiny. Have you also heard the phrase “Good things come in small packages”?

I ordered a regular cheese steak with peppers and onions and Jenna ordered chicken cheese steak. We split an order of fries and ordered ConnieLou a chicken cheese steak to go. There were a couple of orders in front of ours so it took a few minutes…but…each sandwich and batch of fries is cooked to order and served piping hot. We sat down at one of the picnic tables and dug in.

What a treat! It was by far the best cheese steak I’ve ever had! It turns out there’s a good reason for that – the co-owners are from south Philly themselves and they know how it’s done right…really nice folks too! Jenna and ConnieLou were equally impressed with their sandwiches.

So how does Steakholders rate on the Thumbs Scale? We gave them six thumbs-up out of a possible six and threw in a few toes for good measure. They have more than a dozen other steak and chicken sandwiches, burgers and hot dogs on the menu. Time to start working our way through the menu. I think I can see a Buffalo Chicken Cheese Steak sandwich on my horizon.

4/18/15 Update…

I was bummed when I opened the local paper yesterday and found out that Steakholders has closed its doors.  According to the article the decision to close wasn’t for lack of business but because one of the owners needed to tend to some serious family health issues.  As much as I liked Steakholders and hated to hear of its closing, I applaud the owners’ decision to put family ahead of business.  Hopefully someday they’ll open up a new place here in Newnan.