Sometimes when we eat out it can be a challenge to decide where to go. Usually we’ll end up deciding where we don’t want to go, toss out three of four possibilities and pick from there. That’s how things worked tonight. We didn’t really want Chinese or pizza. We wanted to go somewhere in downtown Newnan rather than somewhere out near the interstate which narrowed things down considerably. Ultimately we decided to hit up Rednexican on the Court Square.

Rednexican is a fairly new eatery in Newnan. Their website describes their fare as “a flavorful marriage of southern soul food with a south of the border spice”. Think of what you might come up with a fusion of Tex-Mex and barbeque. Sound good? Yeah, it is.

After taking a few minutes to soak in the menu Jenna finally settled on the grilled chicken ‘Nacho Mama’ with a side of mac & cheese. The Nacho Mama is nacho chips topped with grilled chicken, queso, pico and ancho chipotle sauce with a side of sour cream. ConnieLou and I both selected the ‘Uptown Tacos’ – tacos stuffed with fried mahi mahi, pico, lettuce, smoked gouda cheese and cilantro cream sauce. We also got nacho chips with queso as a side.

Our order was up quickly and it was time to dig in. The nacho chips were light and crisp and appeared to be freshly cooked instead of warmed from a bulk bag. Jenna seemed to be enjoying her Nacho Mama. I asked her if they were good and she replied ‘yep’. When asked if they were just good or really good, she replied ‘mmmm, really good!’ So how were the Uptown Tacos? ConnieLou and I both thought they were quite good. The fried mahi was crisp and the cilantro cream sauce worked well with the fish.

So how does Rednexican rate on the Thumbs Scale? We gave it six thumbs-up. We’ll definitely be back, if not for the food, for a Chaco Taco for dessert!

So what else can I say about Rednexican? Well, let’s see…they have a great selection of craft beers, both on tap and in bottles. There’s live music every Friday and Saturday night. We didn’t get to stay to hear the band since we were off to hear a friend’s band, Assembly Required Band (hey, I had to give my buddy’s band a plug) play a little later. Tuesdays during baseball season are ‘Grand Slam Game Days’ – when the Braves score beers are half price and Thursdays are Steal-A-Pint Nights – buy a draft beer and keep the pint glass.

There are quite a few places to eat on and around the Court Square in downtown Newnan these days and Rednexican is definitely worth a visit. Check ‘em out!